[wdvltalk-social] A toast to Prince Harry

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Sun Mar 2 04:45:54 GMT 2008

As one who has been a great critic of Prince Harry for his youthful excesses and bad judgements it gives me great pleasure to pay a small tribute to him.

Not just that he insisted on getting to serve as a soldier in the front line but for his modesty and the praise he heaped on his fellow soldiers.   On being asked if he were a hero he said no, much more like heroes were the badly injured and disabled soldiers in the plane in which he flew home to Britain.

For courage, modesty and grace raise your glasses to Prince Harry who has acquitted himself with the same sense of duty to Queen and country as his uncle, Prince Andrew did in the Falklands War.

Joseph Harris   [He was very upset that he had had to end his tour early because the secrecy surrounding his posting had been breached;   if he stayed all his fellow soldiers would have been at increased risk.]
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