[wdvltalk-social] folders - all locked! - update

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Thu Jul 17 21:02:16 BST 2008

I am in discussion with the program creator on this, and it is 
looking like an issue with WordPro97 LWP files.   Hmmm.    Do i 
really have to update out of the 16th century?

Joseph   [and how will I change all the thousands of these files 
I have???]

From: "joseph harris"
> On my laptop I have suddenly found that all folders on the
> computer are read only.    It happened suddenly, and I have 
> been
> writing and saving up to that point.
> It doesn't matter where I start unlocking, the straight process
> through properties has no effect.    I have AVG on automatic
> update, and Zone Alarm up to date.
> I canot think of anything different that I did that might have
> caused it immediately, though i do have FolderMarker and had
> changed the colour of a couple of folders a little earlier.
> Any thoughts?
> Joseph Harris

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