[wdvltalk-social] Move over......

michael ensor edc at wnc.quik.co.nz
Wed Feb 27 00:30:49 GMT 2008

I was milady astonished to hear on CNBC last night an oil
expert referring to increased oil and gas production coming
on line in three key countries, Libya, New Zealand and Russia..!

Today as I was browsing I discovered that NZ is producing more
oil than it can consume, and is busy selling of its Light Sweet Crude
surpluses to the highest bidder, and has substantial reserves....

Update: 30 + 1

Civil Defence are running a two day exercise in Auckland, 
testing how their systems and methods would cope with
a volcanic eruption in Auckland........
[the last one was  650 years ago, yesterday in geological time...
estimated cost if one occurred 'today' $15 billion........]


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