[wdvltalk-social] firewall, anti-virus, vista

Cheryl D Wise cdwise at wiserways.com
Sun Apr 6 21:58:16 BST 2008

Your router should contain a hardware firewall which is all you need. Vista
also contains a built-in firewall that is considerably better than earlier
operating systems from Microsoft and allows you per program blocks/access.
By default most programs are blocked and you have to unblock them to use. As
for anti-virus there are dozens available for Vista. Most I know use either
NOD32 or AVG. Since your preference is AVG I'd use that and the hardware
firewall (with or without the Vista one.)

FWIW, I used Zone Alarm with XP but haven't bothered with Vista.

Cheryl D Wise
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From: joseph harris


Master machine on our LAN is reluctantly Vista...

Is there advice on the firewall and AV?    At the moment windows firewall
and Bullguard AV is in use;   various advices seem to indicate that this is
not a good combination, and the windows firewall seems difficult to control

The preference is to return to ZA and AVG, but what is the most sensible
solution with broadband connection...

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