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joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Sat Apr 5 16:14:13 BST 2008

Finally, finally we are on broadband.

Though the change has been fraught...

Not being good at instructions [;-)] we rather struggled to get through the set up system.   It might be that this was not helped by having a rather cobbled-together system...   Indeed the current supplier sent only a modem and splitter, but I had two routers from another supplier from earlier, but failed, attempt.

In turn this was not helped by the failure to inform us when we had contact - and much anxious checking of layout, connections and frequent brain tests ensued until one program or another finally vouchsafed the information that we were already online and would we kindly stop bothering it.

Though there was a further problem with the second machine as it was far from clear what should be ticked, I was myself certainly ticked off, but finally got the combination right!

The system is homeplug via the electric power cabling - splitter, router, plug, which is now successfully picked up at two points on different floors.   For a moment I thought we had an immense service upgrade when I was infomed that the line was working at 100Mbs, but it turns out this is only inside the house on the LAN.   It is still good since the plugs claim only 85Mbs.

The plugs were puzzled over for a long time, since we were at first faced with PC World [American readers should know in the UK this is a chain computer store - far and away the leading one] where the price for what was on offer seemed to me excessive.   Sure enough, after some net work [;-)] I found plugs some 35% cheaper, and cheaper still after the order had been placed!

Thanks everyone who has helped my confusion - or rather helped ease my confusion - over a fair period of time;  your efforts have not been wasted ;-).

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