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joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Sat Nov 17 13:11:34 GMT 2007

From: "michael ensor"
> 1.I thoroughly applaud  our Parliaments insistence
> that they control televising of their proceedings


> 2. This was brought about by the free to air
> channels mocking politicians  by showing their
> more stupid [really gross] moments over
> and over again.

And this is bad?

> 3. So now we have have the "Parliament
> Channel' which tells us that our grossly
> overpaid  MP's sit from Tuesday to
> Thursday from 2.00 pm  to say 9.00 p
> and we can see, apart from question time
> there may be 5% of the memers in the house

In the debating chamber maybe.    Are many of th eothers in their 
offices dealing with constituent letters, mugging up on 
legislation and chicanery?

> well I suppose that there are a few
> saving graces...at least they are not as
> corrupt as the US Congress......

;-)   opportunity does not beckon...

> If they did some of that shit here we
> would take then out of their chambers
> and do what the partisans did to
> Mussolini............................
> ed

Ah!    Dreams of Brown and Blair hanging from the same 


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