[wdvltalk-social] ghost in the plumbing

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Sat Nov 10 16:11:30 GMT 2007

      Haunted toilet

A Kent librarian wants an exorcist called in to sort out a 
haunted lavatory.

Gordon Jenns, 61, who has worked at Gravesend library for 14 
years, says the ghost flushes the toilet when he thinks 
everyone's gone home.

"It's happened three times in the past 11 years, always around 
seven o'clock on a Friday," he told the Bexley Times.

"It's very off-putting. The first time it happened I thought 
someone had broken in the back door so I went with something very 
heavy in my hand to give them a warm welcome.

"I'm absolutely certain the toilet flushed itself. The door was 
locked and the cistern was still filling up when I went in.

"I'm an ex-marine and not prone to hallucinations. I'm guessing 
the poor fellow only wants to relieve himself."

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