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As predicted, the nit-picking has started :)


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>Throwing is illegal [ chucking ]
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>: Christina
>: Extremely simplified and expecting nit-picking from the cricket fanatics:
>: * 11 players per team.
>: * One team bowls while another bats, there are two batsmen in play at any
>: one time, one at each end of the wicket which is twenty two yards long 
>: has a set of wickets at each end.
>: * The wickets comprise of three vertical sticks (the stumps) and the 
>: two short sticks across the top of the stumps.
>: * The bowling team's bowler bowls (throws) the ball at the wickets. If he
>: succeeeds in removing the bails the player is out.
>: * The batter can also be out by hitting the ball in the air and being 
>: or by preventing the ball stricking the wickets using his leg.
>: * Bowling is grouped into "overs", there are six throws of the ball in an
>: over. After an over the bowler switches ends to bowl at the other wicket.
>: * Play continues until ten players on the batting side are out.
>: * The batsman tries to strike the ball so that the two of them can run 
>: one wicket to the other. Each time they does this it's a "run", i.e. one
>: point to the batting side.
>: * If the batsman hits it over the pitch boundary it's four points, or six 
>: it goes over without touching the ground.
>: * Both sides get two attempts at batting called an innings or 
>: a fixed number of overs is agreed.
>: * When the game is over the side with the most runs wins.
>: Joe
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