[wdvltalk-social] a bit more on Any Cricket Players?

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Wed Nov 7 03:55:16 GMT 2007

> Can someone explain to me in very simple terms how one plays 
> cricket?  Is
> the whole purpose to knock the sticks down? And is that before 
> someone hits
> the ball or if it's in play knock them down before getting 
> "home" (baseball
> vernacular)?
> Okay, I have a terrible crush on a major cricket sponsor here 
> in the
> Caribbean and he's moved to St. Croix, and I think he's is the 
> cutest thing.
> Twinkly eyes and big smile.
> Chris

You should know that hundreds of millions, if not a billion or 
more, watch cricket on tv and the sponsorhsip deals can be very, 
very valuable indeed.   In test matches India virtually stops  as 
everyone watches (and bets on the tiniest details of) matches 
involving the home side.

You should also know that two batsmen are 'in' at teh same time. 
Both run to score a run or two or three (sometimes 4) and with 
odd numbers they have changed 'ends'.   One way of getting 
batsmen out is to dislodge the bails or stumps (bails are not put 
on on windy days) - 'bowled'.

Matt has described catching out;  the wicket-keeper stands behind 
the wicket and if he has the ball and the batsman is outside the 
'crease' [sort of 'home' area or 'base'] may 'stump' the batsman 
by pushing down the stumps with the ball.

there is also 'leg before wicket' where if the ball is judge to 
be on it's way to the stumps and hits the pads [worn to protect 
the legs] he may be out 'lbw'.

that is a sort of early primer - later we could take you through 
the grades and on to a PhD  ;-)

Have fun, and choose your water carefully...


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