[wdvltalk-social] Any Cricket Players?

Christina Lannen chris at lannendesigns.com
Wed Nov 7 00:14:55 GMT 2007

Wow!  I've never heard of a game being asexual.  Too mild mannered?  IN
other words a game for gentlemen? Anyway I'm not going to play it....give me
baseball anyday.

And he's an Aries.  I've never heard of an Aries being asexual.  They're
worse the Scorpios.


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>Can someone explain to me in very simple terms how one plays cricket?  Is
>the whole purpose to knock the sticks down? And is that before someone hits
>the ball or if it's in play knock them down before getting "home" (baseball

Don't bother learning.  Cricket is exceedingly asexual (pace P 
Tinniswood).  Find another of his interests.

Yours helpfully,

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