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joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Sat Dec 15 12:11:21 GMT 2007

Grass is a great fighter....    But.   If you want a fine lawn 
you must keep it trimmed;  when you are urging it on [as you are 
doing] about an inch cut is right.   As the spring progresses and 
in early autumn the height of the cut should be reduced gradually 
to about half an inch and the lawn should be trimmed through 
winter if it is growing.  [Please do your own conversion to 
metrics if that is your foible]

The reason for the cut measurements is that fine grasses do well 
with short hair - er cuts - while coarser grasses are killed off 
at these lengths.   Bowling lawns are something else, wanting 
only the finest of the fine, and I despair of those razor trims 
to cricket wickets.


From: "michael ensor"
> for those of you shovelling snow,
> I have turned off the lawn sprinkler....
> I am trying to revive one of the lawns,
> it is showing signs of real 'green' again..../
> www.WellingtonLive.co.nz

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