[wdvltalk-social] she's back

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Fri Dec 7 15:21:38 GMT 2007

Would that our newspapers had left any to think up!    'Up the 
creek without a paddle' headlines one, predictably - but still 
got a laugh from me.   It is beginning to look as though the 
husband is seeking revenge on his wife, who either did do the 
dirty, or has been left with her fingerprints on the crime  ;-)!

The last high profile case like this that I recall was John 
Stonehouse [a member of parliament]  who took his clothes off and 
walked into th sea [undoubtedly the inspiration for the Rise an 
Fall of Reginald Perrin], later turning up to be still alive in 
Australia....   ....I'm not sure what the whole story was 
[insurance, mistress, other fiddles].

But there is no doubt the whole thing reeks of oddity - as 
writers complain 'you can't make it up'.


I think the canoeist has taken over where comedy quips are 
concerned.  ChristineE-mail:  gregory_christin at hotmail.com

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