[wdvltalk-social] she's back

joseph harris smilepoet at vfemail.net
Tue Dec 4 15:21:39 GMT 2007

From: <darwin at living-images.org>
> Hehehe -witty! Ok so she found it difficult to get work in the 
> UK

To hear her Member of Parliament  she appeared to have been in 
demand...  ?...  !...  [shrug]

and a
> brain implant might be helpful, but it seems to me that heart 
> implants over
> there might also be useful, and come to think of it the over 
> endowment of
> brain cells is not one of their problems either. Anyway it was 
> the kids
> responsibility to name the bear... as it should be. And Joseph, 
> just to
> split hairs, the kid and bear's name was Muhammed, not 
> Mohammed, is this  a
> legitimate point?
> By the way the news had footage of her back in the UK. Are you 
> getting much
> comedic flack over this there?

I'm a bit news-dry at the moment. but I did catch something 
yesterday on tv, but not a glimpse in that report.

Questions of the name have been handled by others   ;-).

She brings to mind a group that I had good thoughts for before I 
got to know them!!!


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