[wdvltalk-social] TGIF ~ + Extreme Rant

michael ensor edc at wnc.quik.co.nz
Sun Dec 2 20:20:05 GMT 2007

Just catching up with the emails..........junked my monitor
Saturday evening.........didn't try to install the new one after
a Sunday evening session at Kitty's...<g>

Talking of Kitty's and muso's.....sitting at the bar with the
Aussie flatmate quietly supping on our McCallums and heard
this voice from behind...."Are you guys playing tonight?"....
turned around and there was this leather clad chained and
booted hard core rocker.............wanting to know whether 
we were the band for the night........I must be associating 
with too many muso's, the osmotic effect...........

Alright, I have to ask, who is the evil skank from the SE?

can't be worse than the bloke on Idol???

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: Hi Michael,
: Haven't caught them yet (Airborne) but I am making a concerted effort, 
: punishing pun intended, to get to see more music on the weekends. Really in 
: a cold sweat about singing tonight. The evil skank from the south-east will 
: be there. Maybe I will put in a no-show and leave my comeback to a time of 
: my choosing rather than theirs'. ooh and I have the dress and everything. 
: Did I mention I love Jeff Buckley? Oh and by the way re the rant, it is 
: relatively harmless but I just don't want it to remain on line for eternity 
: like our posts do. In fact I wonder if anyone would support me in suggesting 
: that our social posts had a life of only 1 month? cyberkate

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