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And the central problem is that dictatorship seems better 
disguised under the umbrella of Islam...   A member  of the 
Muslim Council of GB confronted a Sudan spokesman and tore him 
apart on our flagship news programme.

And dictators do rent-a-mob crowds so well too, don't they?


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>> So let me get this right...    You are saying these people 
>> don't
>> have a sense of humour?
>> Joseph [I am on a list where the rant would have got a 1,000
>> peaceful but insistent words from a Muslim defending the
>> reverence for that prophet and founder chappie.   Ah, Moses, 
>> you
>> gnashing your teeth and wondering where you went wrong?]
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>>> line
>>> for a day or
>>> two
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>>> Please read
>>> Cheers Big Beers

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