[dancer-users] Opinions for architecture of a new web application

Andy Beverley andy at andybev.com
Mon Apr 4 16:00:27 BST 2022

Dear all,

I'm interested in your opinions on how you would architecture a new web 
application, if you were to start one today.

I'll be starting a new application soon and this is a chance to take a 
fresh look at things. Normally I would go with a simple 
Dancer/Template::Toolkit setup.

However, I'm thinking that I should make this an "API first" application 
(i.e. using static HTML pages and rendering all the content using a 
Jaavscript framework making API calls)

That then begs the question as to what the best back-end architecture 
is, if only using it to render JSON.

Also, if only serving API requests with the back-end, how would you 
manage authentication? Would you still use cookies or would you use some 
sort of tokens?

Any thoughts welcome!



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