[dancer-users] Dancer2 0.300005 Released

Jason A. Crome jason at cromedome.dev
Tue Jan 26 21:30:49 EST 2021

Well, it's been a hot minute since the last release, hasn't it? Dancer2 0.300005 has landed on CPAN and features a number of bug fixes, enhancements, and doc patches:

    0.300005  2021-01-26 15:57:41-05:00 America/New_York

    [ BUG FIXES ]
    * GH #1546: Add MIME type for all files served from public (Russell 
      @veryrusty Jenkins)
    * GH #1555: Remove all leftovers of warnings config setting (Sergiy 
    * GH #1557: Remove HTTP::XSCookies workaround (Alexander Pankoff)
    * GH #1564: Add script_name to redirects beginning with / (Nigel Gregoire)
    * GH #1567: Fix CSS so errors do not display ourside of <pre> HTML
      element (Elliot Holden)
    * GH #1568: Serializer::Mutable doesn't auto-load other serializers
      (Russell @veryrusty Jenkins)
    * GH #1579: Fix missing push_header method in Response::Delayed 
      (Paul Clements)
    * GH #1552: Update jQuery (Sergiy Borodych)
    * GH #1558: Test to make sure uploads aren't discarded after the
      forward keyword is used (Alexander Pankoff)
    * GH #1571: Add GitHub Actions support (Gabor Szabo)
    * GH #1572: Install Dancer2::Session::Cookie in order to run the test 
      t/issues/gh-811.t (racke)

    * GH #1490: Document Dancer2::Core::App->template() (Steve Dondley)
    * GH #1551: Fix pod for cookie same site attribute (Sergiy Borodych)
    * GH #1562: Fix links, missing code in Tutorial (cloveistaken)

I have already lined up a number of issues for inclusion into the next release, which should be landing in early February (as of now).

Thanks for your patience with the long break between the releases, we (hopefully) won't do that to you again.

Happy Dancing! See you in February!

Jason A. Crome / CromeDome
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/cromedome
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