[dancer-users] Retrieving the current prefix?

Morse, Richard E.,MGH REMORSE at mgh.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 21 17:12:23 EST 2021

Hi! I'm starting to learn Dancer2. One question I have is whether it is possible to retrieve the current prefix in some way?

In particular, I am showing a listing of things, and I would like to add an edit link. I have the following setup:

    prefix '/foo';

    get '/' => sub { forward '/foo'; };
    get ''  => sub {
        my @rows = database->quick_select(...);
        foreach my $r (@rows) {
            $r->{'edituri'} = uri_for( '/foo/' . $r->{'id'});
        template 'foo.tt', { 'listing' => \@rows, 'adduri' => uri_for( '/foo/add' ) };

I feel like I should be able to get rid of the '/foo' bit in the `forward` and `uri_for` calls — if this changes, I now need to change it in multiple places, and could introduce a typo. I tried doing `uri_for( prefix . '/' . $r->{'id'})`, but that didn't work.

If there isn't some obvious way to do this, how to other people manage these kinds of things?

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