[dancer-users] http_throw and Dancer2

Paul Clements paul.clements at us.sios.com
Wed Feb 3 22:49:05 EST 2021

I've been trying for a while now to figure out the best way to handle
exceptions with Dancer2.

I like the simplicity of http_throw. However, I've not been able to
get that to work successfully with Dancer2 without this workaround:


(The test shows a PSGI app with HTTPExceptions enabled, which allows
proper use of http_throw. It also shows a sample Dancer2 app with my
workaround to allow use of http_throw.)

Basically, it appears that Dancer2 wants to intercept any exception
and rethrow it as 500 (Internal Server Error) without some hacky hook
code to intercept the exception and re-apply it later.

Has anyone dealt with this issue? Is there a better way to handle this
(some middleware or config option)?


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