[dancer-users] Single login to multiple domains

Kenneth Ölwing kenneth at olwing.se
Wed Jun 3 04:12:43 EDT 2020

PMFJI, I honestly don't really know crap about it, but my immediate 
reaction was to google for 'cross domain cookies' which gives a lot of 
seemingly useful hits...

Definitively just a wild guess, so if it helps it helps, otherwise 


On 2020-06-02 08:34, Gabor Szabo wrote:
> Hi,
> I run both the Perl Maven site https://perlmaven.com/ 
> <http://perlmaven.com/> and the Code Maven site 
> https://code-maven.com/ <http://code-maven.com/> on the same Dancer2 
> application. They even share the database behind.
> Both also have several language-specific hostnames. e.g. one in 
> Telugu: https://te.perlmaven.com/
> I would like to allow my users to log in any of the sites and then be 
> already logged in all of the others. So they won't need to 
> authenticate again.
> How could I achieve this?
> Gabor
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