[dancer-users] Development of Dancer stalling? What to do?

Zahir Lalani ZahirLalani at oliver.agency
Tue Dec 22 10:05:23 EST 2020


> > The goal of my mail was, as I tried to include that in the last part
> > of the message, to try to figure out what could be done to improve the
> situation:
> > - accept or close the PR
> > - fix or close the issues
> >
> > I can even imagine that there are companies out there - e.g. the
> > employers of those on this list - that might be ready to finance some
> > work around Dancer. There might be some core maintainers who would be
> ready to accept payment for some extra work on Dancer (or lets say Dancer*
> meaning also all the plugins).
> >

As a user of Dancer in a system that makes us money, I am sure I can convince our company to subscribe to a "maintenance plan" of sorts. There is nothing specific I need from dancer, but security fixes, compatibility with perl/package updates will be crucial for us. And if that means end users have a way of contributing to a maintenance fund, I would support that...


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