[dancer-users] Development of Dancer stalling? What to do?

Gabor Szabo gabor at szabgab.com
Tue Dec 22 09:36:56 EST 2020

I am sorry if my email felt as a criticism of the core developers. It was
not meant that way. I am certainly thankful to all the people who
contributed to Dancer and especially the core developers who put in many
hours of their free time. I am sorry if my email caused you any frustration
from an unthankful user.

On the other hand I am sure everyone understands that those people who have
put in their free time and created the 32 pull-request that have not been
integrated yet might also feel frustrated that their work is not
appreciated. Some of those PRs are from 2014-2015.

Then there are those people (like myself) who would want to contribute, but
seeing the number of PRs and open issues and the lack of movement on them,
are discouraged to even start.
(e.g. I've started to set up GitHub Actions for Dancer)

The goal of my mail was, as I tried to include that in the last part of the
message, to try to figure out what could be done to improve the situation:
- accept or close the PR
- fix or close the issues

I can even imagine that there are companies out there - e.g. the employers
of those on this list - that might be ready to finance some work around
Dancer. There might be some core maintainers who would be ready to accept
payment for some extra work on Dancer (or lets say Dancer* meaning also all
the plugins).

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