[dancer-users] Dancer DSL vs. Perl Critic

Ruth Holloway ruth at hiruthie.me
Mon Dec 21 21:19:23 EST 2020

That doesn't *look* to me like a perlcritic message.  That looks more like a perl -c output when "use Dancer2" isn't present.

I could be wrong here, but that's the behavior I see on my box (perl 5.28, Dancer2 0.300004). Perl::Critic doesn't seem to mind that statement, with or without Dancer2 being used.

D Ruth Holloway

On Mon, Dec 21, 2020, at 14:05, Mike Diehl wrote:
> Hi all,
> So I've got a line of code like:
> prefix "/apps/Credit_Card/";
> I'm using VS Code, which uses Perl::Critic, to edit the program.
> When Perl::Critic encounters the line above, it see it as a "problem":
> String found where operator expected at - line 3, near "prefix
> "/apps/Credit_Card/""
> (Do you need to predeclare template?)syntax error at - line 3, near
> "prefix "/apps/Credit_Card/""
> I know that I can put a ### No critic at the end of the line, but that
> kind of defeats the purpose of using the tool.
> How SHOULD I make this "problem" go away?
> Hope that was clear.
> Mike.
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