[dancer-users] Development of Dancer stalling? What to do?

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Mon Dec 21 09:46:09 EST 2020

This also raises the question, if development of Dancer has stalled, is its user 
base also shrinking and going to other things?  If users are migrating away, 
there might be less point in having a course on it. -- Darren Duncan

On 2020-12-20 10:14 p.m., Gabor Szabo wrote:
> Hi,
> as I am working on the Perl Dancer video course I need to look up lots of things 
> in the documentation on https://metacpan.org/release/Dancer2 
> <https://metacpan.org/release/Dancer2> and many times I feel either that it is 
> difficult to find what I was looking for
> For example looking for the full list of words in the DSL:
> I clicked on both links saying DSL, neither of them had the list, nor a link to 
> the manual
> where I findall found it:
> https://metacpan.org/pod/distribution/Dancer2/lib/Dancer2/Manual.pod#DSL-KEYWORDS <https://metacpan.org/pod/distribution/Dancer2/lib/Dancer2/Manual.pod#DSL-KEYWORDS>
> Another thing I was looking for is the list of types one can use out of the box 
> to describe the routes. I could not find it.
> -------------------------------------
> It is frustrating, but this is open source, I can help improve it, right?
> I thought I'll open a ticket, maybe even send a pull-request.
> Looked at https://github.com/PerlDancer/Dancer2/ 
> <https://github.com/PerlDancer/Dancer2/>
> and this made me even more frustrated. There are 110 open issues and 32 open 
> pull-request. That's 32 things some people have worked on and have not been 
> integrated.
> (If you like, you can compare the numbers with
> Mojolicious https://github.com/mojolicious/mojo 
> <https://github.com/mojolicious/mojo>  47 3
> Flask https://github.com/pallets/flask <https://github.com/pallets/flask> 18 4
> You can also look at the commit history and you see there was hardly any 
> activity recently.
> I keep recording the course, but I feel reluctant to open issues or work on 
> pull-request because I don't want to waste my time on something where the 
> chances of integration seem to be so low.
> -------------------------------------------
> Why has the development slowed down? How could it be fixed?
> Have the core developers (almost completely) lost interest?
> Do they lack the time?
> Could companies that use Dancer help financially?
> Could new people step up to become core developers?
> regards
>      Gabor
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