[dancer-users] Dancer crashing

John Stoffel john at stoffel.org
Fri May 24 15:48:51 BST 2019

I'm not a Dancer developer, but maybe you could post your test harness
as well?  Or does your simple test case always fail no matter what?

Is there anyway you can simplify your routing, or maybe push all the
static stuff to nginx or some other web server, and only pass in the
dynamic stuff you need to handle?

And looking at your tests, it's not clear to me that you're testing
all your complex logic properly.  Can you just do the test for
/mary/static/my.css, /mary, /mary/static, etc?  Just show all the
possible options you need to handle for one client and show those

>From what I recall, it sounds like it works sometimes, but not
always.  So maybe you can show in your 404 error what was missing to
let you get there, not where you expected.

Sorry I'm probably not really asking for anything useful here, but
hopefully this will make you re-look at it differently to find the
real cause.

But again, simplify and document your test cases better with expected
and actual results so people can know what expect.  And a full
contained test app showing the problem would be even better.


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