[dancer-users] 2018 Dancer Advent Calendar

Johannes Hoerburger list100 at hoerburger.org
Thu Oct 11 15:47:58 BST 2018

Hi Jason,

no idea if some parts are interesting for the community, I'm writing a voip provisioning Dancer2 Application for about a year now for my employer.

- Provision IP Phones with their configuration (Login, PWD, SIP Server, Phonebook, Key Extensions)
- One Dancer2 Host that can handle many FreePBX VoIP Servers (one per customer-company), to deliver sip account create, change, delete and some more info to the FreePBX

Some features:
- Provisioning of Cisco and Snom phones based on their mac adresses
- Dancer2 running on Twiggy
- Dancer2 using memcached
- Dancer2 delivering the user configuration interface for the phone settings (storing it in mysql, rendering it with template toolkit)
- Dancer2 creating and delivering xml, pdf, html
- Dancer2 parsing CSV uploads
- nginx before twiggy running on multiple open ports as client-cert requiring ssl proxy for cisco, snom and regular webclients
- FreePBX Servers have WebSocket clients connecting to the Dancer2 WebSocket server
- Dancer2 WebSocket server is delivering changes to the FreePBX machines over WebSocket
- Client on the FreePBX uses various approaches to deliver changes to the FreePBX/Asterisk (modified bulkimport via shell, direkt mysql access via DBIx, asteriskCLI for CallIdentification)
- Client on the FreePBX is realized via AnyEvent::WebSocket::Client

Difficult parts were:
- persistently running AnyEvent::WebSocket::Client connected to Dancer2, as well as connection identifying on the Dancer2 side to find the currently connected clients...
- getting twiggy to work with dancer and ssl

If parts of it may be interesting, just drop a note and I'd be happy to help (previous Dancer Advent Calendar Articles were one the main sources of Dancer-Info/Tutorials for me), or go through some interesting parts of it via a TeamViewer session to see if its useful and not implemented completely weird ;)  

Happy Dancing & thanx for the great work of all of you Dancer-Folks!

> Am 11.10.2018 um 15:47 schrieb Jason A. Crome <cromedome at gmail.com>:
> Hey Dancer Community!
> On behalf of the Dancer Core Team, I am trying to get a 2018 Dancer
> Advent Calendar organized, and we would like your help and input!
> How can you help? It's simple! Are there articles covering some
> specific area of Dancer or its ecosystem that you would like to know
> more about? Just reply and let us know what you would like to see.
> Do you want to write an article for the advent calendar? Tell us your
> Dancer success stories, all about a plugin you authored, how your
> migration from D1 to D2 went... the sky is the limit.
> If you have any ideas, please submit them soon to give authors a
> chance to work on content for the calendar.
> Thanks, and happy Dancing!
> Jason / CromeDome
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