[dancer-users] New module for converting markdown files to HTML

Steve Dondley sdondley at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 00:40:41 GMT 2018

Hello Fellow Dancers,

Just wanted to announce a new module for converting markdown files to HTML.
No perl code necessary to use! Just make some entries in your config.yml
file and you are done. I think it'll be very useful. For example, you can
now just throw your copy into a repo with markdown files and clone it to
your local hard drive and you are done ever having to mess with HTML.

I has two basic modes of operation right now: convert a single markdown
file to all the markdown files in a single directory.

It can can also automatically generate a table of contents for the file
that links to the headers in the content.

I've used it to generate a pretty nifty looking tutorial. You can see it in
action here:

It's up on CPAN here:

GitHub repo is here:

I plan on making it have tight integration with GitHub in the near future.
I also plan on creating yet another local POD viewer with it as well.

I'd appreciate feedback and ideas for further improvements. Thanks!

Prometheus Labor Communications, Inc.

UnionConnect Phone App for Labor Unions
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