[dancer-users] External access to Dancer2 settings

Nathan Bailey web at polynate.net
Wed May 30 03:04:36 BST 2018

1. The script from the Cookbook
# bin/script2.pl
use FindBin <https://metacpan.org/pod/FindBin>;
use Cwd <https://metacpan.org/pod/Cwd> qw/realpath/;
use Dancer2 <https://metacpan.org/pod/Dancer2>;

#tell the Dancer2 where the app lives
my $appdir=realpath( "$FindBin::Bin/..");


print "environment:".config->{environment}."\n"; #development
print "log:".config->{log}."\n"; #value from development environment

fails with:
Undefined subroutine &Dancer2::Config::setting called at script2.pl line 9.

Although I can see a setting function in Dancer2::Core::Role::ConfigReader?

2. What's the best way for my perl modules to access settings?

eg. if Main.pm says:
my $foo = myApp::FooMaker->new();

FooMaker.pm can get config settings via:
 a) Using an approach similar to the above
 b) Having all config or specific parts of config passed in
since FooMaker is Dancer2 unaware.

Does adding:
use Dancer2;
to FooMaker make it Dancer2 aware? (ie. give it access to all the Dancer
and if so, what kind of Dancer2 environment does one need to make for unit
tests of FooMaker functions/methods?

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