[dancer-users] Question on MongoDB and Dancer

Gavin Colborne gavin at littleforest.co.uk
Wed Oct 18 06:28:04 BST 2017

Hi Dancers,

I am pretty new to Dancer and really like the light nature of the framework.

I am trying to create a route which will show data from a MongoDB
collection and struggling with the syntax.

I have the following in my app:

sub connect_mongo {
    my $client = MongoDB->connect('mongodb://a.b.c.d') or die "Error
connecting to Mongo";
my $db = $client->get_database( 'lfi-perl' );

get '/mongo' => sub {
    my $db = connect_mongo();
my $docs = $db->get_collection( 'Test-Collection' );
my $all_docs;
     template 'show_mongo.tt', {
         'entries' => $all_docs = $docs->find(),

Then in my view the following:

[% FOREACH id IN entries.keys.nsort %]

[% entries.$id._id %]

I am not able to see any data in my view but am also not seeing any errors.

Any examples of getting data from Mongo in Dancer would be really helpful.

Thank you in advance,


Best Regards,

Gavin Colborne

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