[dancer-users] Dancer2 0.205000 improves application speed, deprecates request->dispatch_path

Jason A. Crome cromedome at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 21:47:20 GMT 2017

Dancer2 0.205000 is on it's way to CPAN, and brings with it a number
of bug fixes, documentation improvements, and enhancements. The
changes with the most potential impact to your existing applications

- Migrating from `MooX::Types` to `Type::Tiny`. This will improve the
speed of any Dancer2 application automatically.

- Deprecating `request->dispatch_path`. This was originally introduced
to fix a buggy `request->path` implementation; fixing `request->path`
caused `dispatch_path` to incorrectly fail a route match when
`SCRIPT_NAME` was also a prefix of the `PATH_INFO`. `request->path`
now functions as intended, and is the preferred method of dispatch.
`request->dispatch_path` will throw a warning if used, and will call
`request->path` instead. The method will be removed entirely two
releases from now.

- A new method is being added to Dancer2 applications,
`prepare_app()`. This method will eventually get called automatically
when `to_app()` is invoked. In preparation of this, any application
that may already contain a `prepare_app()` method will complain -
loudly - that implementation of this method is coming. Expect to see
the final implementation of `prepare_app()` two releases from now.

The full release announcement can be seen at

Happy Dancing!
Jason A. Crome / CromeDome

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