[dancer-users] How can a fork+system() Dancer app not create zombie processes?

Jochen Lutz jlu at gmx.de
Thu Jun 29 22:09:51 BST 2017

Am 29.06.2017 um 12:27 schrieb Andrew Solomon:
> Hi Nathan
> It might be helpful to address this problem through a separation of 
> concerns. You've got the Dancer app's job which is to serve web pages. 
> Then there's another job - to send emails - and from this viewpoint it 
> makes sense to implement that as a separate piece of software.
> On a large scale this can be done using a queuing service where the 
> Dancer app puts a message onto the message queue (managed by a broker 
> like RabbitMQ or ActiveMQ....) and your email sending software pulls the 
> message off the queue and sends the email.

The software to queue e-mails is called a MTA.

Installing a local postfix (or exim or any other MTA the OP is comfort-
able with) configured to accept local e-mail without authentication
should get the submission time down in the ms range. The further pro-
cessing is then done by a software that is built to handle e-mail: the


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