[dancer-users] how to fetch an existing cookie

Wanjuan Yang wy1 at sanger.ac.uk
Mon Jul 17 15:39:16 BST 2017


We are using dancer2, how can I fetch an existing cookie from the client requests?

In dancer1, there is module Dancer::Cookies, we can retrieve all the cookies by doing: my $cookies = Dancer::Cookies->cookies;
See the following:

use Dancer::Cookies;
my $cookies = Dancer::Cookies->cookies;

foreach my $name ( keys %{$cookies} ) {
        my $cookie = $cookies->{$name};
        my $value  = $cookie->value;
        print "$name => $value\n";

Does Dancer2 has equivalent module or are there any ways to fetch a cookie?
Your help would be much appreciated!


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