[dancer-users] Dancer2 Authentication Problem

CHONG Yu Meng yumeng.chong at invictus.com.sg
Thu Jul 13 15:24:15 BST 2017

Hi all,

Still learning Dancer2. Managed to get the database part working, but now I have a strange authentication problem - probably something I am missing.

I want to password protect several routes:

In config.yml, I have configured just one user, who should be able to access all the above routes:
      cookie_name: invictus.session
      is_secure: 1
      is_http_only: 1

              provider: Config
                 - user: 'joeblow'
                   pass: 'sikrit123'
                   name: 'Joe Blow'
                                - Marketing

In my Dancer2 code, I have this:

get '/secret' => require_login sub { 'You are logged in as user: ' . logged_in_user->{name} };
get '/secretpg1' => require_login sub { 'This is page 1.'; };
get '/secretpg2' => require_login sub { 'This is page 2.'; };

If I go to /secret, I will get the default login page.
If I then go to /secretpg1, I thought I would get the page without having to login again, but I get redirected to the default login page again.  If I login successfully then go to /secretpg2, I get asked to login again.

What am I doing wrong here? Is there some additional configuration? I suspect there is something wrong with my config.yml, but I cannot find any information on Google that helps. All the examples I see have only one route. Help!

Thanks in Advance!

pascal chong

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