[dancer-users] Converting from Dancer2::Logger::Syslog to Dancer2::Logger::LogReport

Clive Eisen clive at hildebrand.co.uk
Mon Feb 6 09:05:17 GMT 2017

> On 6 Feb 2017, at 08:01, Andrew Beverley <andy at andybev.com> wrote:
> Thinking about this more, maybe there should be a configuration option
> to enable/disable for Dancer formatter, so that you can use
> Dancer2::Logger::LogReport as a drop-in replacement to
> Dancer2::Logger::Syslog. Would that help?

That would be perfect - basically Dancer2::Logger::Syslog no longer passes it’s build test with ‘newer perls’.
I belive this has been reported to you.

So a plugin replacement - oh yes please

> Andy

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