[dancer-users] Starman large file upload

John Stoffel john at stoffel.org
Thu Apr 13 21:39:51 BST 2017

Zahir> Hit a bit of a wall

Zahir> We are using a standard jquery uploader connected to Dancer2 and that in
Zahir> general works great

Can you give us an example of your code so we can help debug this?
But from my googling around, it's almost certainly a problem with how
the file is written from the client, through starman, to dancer and
then to disk.

Are you trying to parse forms or parts in the upload by any chance?  

Zahir> We are testing uploading large files (600M) and having a lot of issues:

Zahir> We see the file uploading to /tmp as expected. At the end of
Zahir> the upload, Starman has a lot of CPU and Mem usage and the
Zahir> defined upload route (our code) does not get hit for several
Zahir> minutes. It looks like Starman is loading this into memory and
Zahir> hitting swap issues

So you need to show us how you're using starman and what it's config
is before we can help here.   

Just increasing memory won't solve the problem.  You need to figure
out why starman is buffering the upload and how to get it out of the


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