[dancer-users] Failing to send a file in iso-8859-1

WK wanradt at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 19:58:22 BST 2016


2016-10-05 19:59 GMT+03:00 Lutz Gehlen <lrg_ml at gmx.net>:

> send_file(
>     \$str,
>     content_type => 'text/csv',
>     filename     => 'foo.csv',
> );
> The problem is that external requirements force me to send the file
> in iso-8859-1 and it seems that I cannot manage to achieve that.

As far as I understand, the charset is set in config, so you could try
to override the setting in your route like:

set 'charset'      => 'iso-8859-1;

Never tried, but it should work.

Kõike hääd,


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