[dancer-users] Multiple apps with Plack and Apache

janet davis oscarjwoofer at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 19:55:31 BST 2016

Hi there,

I have a web server running Apache with a single vhost that serves a lot of
Perl cgi scripts from cgi-bin.

I've been trying out Dancer, which I really like, but I can't figure out
the best way to deploy apps in my Apache environment.  I want to keep my
Apache cgi configuration to serve legacy scripts but I want to start
building new projects based on psgi in something like Dancer.

I want Apache to use www.myserver/cgi-bin/appname/script.pl for old code
(which currently works) and www.myserver/app1 for newer Dancer based apps.
Please don't think I'm being lazy by asking, I have read the documentation
and looked at the example for deploying multiple apps via fcgi but I am
still confused as I have limited experience with Apache - I am working on
that.  What's the best way to set this up, bearing in mind that I may want
to run say 10-15 Dancer apps from my server alongside my cgi-scripts? Do I
have to set up a vhost for each app?  I have Apache::Plack::Handler but I'm
not sure whether I should be using Plack::Builder to mount my apps (which
is mentioned in an older Dancer Cookbook, but not the current deployment
guide.  Can someone help me get on the right track please?

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