[dancer-users] Methods Of retrieving request parameters

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Mon Jul 11 10:29:40 BST 2016

Quoting Kadir Beyazlı <kadirbeyazli at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> At my projects I always used params hash reference to retrieve request
> parameters as follow:
> get '/hello/:name' => sub {
>     return "Hi there " . params->{name};
> };
> I started reading Dancer ManuaI again to discover new features whether
> I missed and realized that using following ones are safer:
> route_parameters->get('name');
> query_parameters->get('name');
> There is also param('name') method. As a result I see that there are 4 ways:
> get '/hello/:name' => sub {
>     return "Hi there " . params->{name};
>     # or
>     return "Hi there " . route_parameters->get('name');
>     # or
>     return "Hi there " . query_parameters->get('name');
>     # or
>     return "Hi there " . param('name');
> };

You missed one. There's also:


> Is there any technical difference between these ways that one of them
> can work at a special case but others don't?

Yes, there's a big technical difference.

There are three places where your app can get parameters from. You can  
get parameters from the query string.


You can also get parameters from Dancer's route matching.

   get '/:param1/:param2/:param3' => sub { ... };

Or you can get parameters from the body of the request (typically from  
a <form> that has been submitted as a POST request.

The three keywords that are now recommended, all force you to say  
explicitly where the parameter can be found - whether it's in the  
query (query_parameter), the route matching (route_parameters) or the  
request body (body_parameters). The keywords which don't specify where  
to find the parameters (param or params) both look in all three places  
for the parameter name.

> If there is no difference except being safer (I got this info from
> manual), is the reason of this diversity to support  Perl motto

The more explicitly-named methods are definitely safer. You really  
want to know where your parameters are coming from. These are the  
methods that you should be using.

I assume the older methods are still supported for backwards  
compatibility. I don't know what the project's plans are about  
deprecating and removing them.

> Which ones are you using at your projects?

I try to use the newer, more explicit, methods in new code. But I bet  
there's a good chance that I'm still using the older approach in code  
that I haven't looked at for a couple of years.



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