[dancer-users] production.yml & development.yml

Stefan Hornburg (Racke) racke at linuxia.de
Mon Jul 4 16:58:37 BST 2016

On 07/04/2016 05:53 PM, Wanjuan Yang wrote:
> Hi Racke,
> Yes. 
> request to GET /translation/drug_list crashed: Can't call method "fetchrow_array" on an undefined value at /data/www/live/Gdsc/lib/Dancer/Plugin/Utils.pm line 182. in /data/perl5/lib/perl5/Dancer/Handler.pm l. 98
> It looks like the database do differently when the environment changes. 
> Wendy

Hello Wendy,

yes indeed. Looks like you need to debug why this happens.


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