[dancer-users] Plack::Test with Cookies

Peter Mottram peter at sysnix.com
Fri Jan 15 16:04:09 GMT 2016

On 15/01/16 16:57, Dave Cross wrote:
> I've been writing tests for a Dancer2 app. I'm using Plack::Test. One
> thing that I wanted to test was that logged in users get a different
> view of the app to logged out visitors. For that I need to set cookies
> on the requests that I'm sending to the test app.
> I found this advent calendar article by SawyerX which looked very useful.
>   http://advent.perldancer.org/2014/12
> Following the instructions in that article, I did this:
>   my $res = $test->request(POST '/login', [ \%test_user_creds ]);
>   $jar->extract_cookies($res);
> I can look at $jar->as_string before and after that line, and I seen
> the session cookie being added to the jar.
> Later I do this:
>   my $req = GET "/$private_page";
>   $jar->add_cookie_header($req);
>   my $res = $test->request( $req );
> This doesn't work. And it doesn't work because the session cookies
> don't get added to the request object. $jar is a HTTP::Cookies object,
> so I looked at the add_cookie_header() method, to find this code at
> the start:
>   my $self = shift;
>   my $request = shift || return;
>   my $url = $request->uri;
>   my $scheme = $url->scheme;
>   unless ($scheme =~ /^https?\z/) {
>       return;
>   }
> This is where my test goes wrong. My request is just "/$private_page"
> - it doesn't have a $scheme (or, indeed, a hostname). And I guess it's
> obvious that add_cookie_header needs a domain in order to know which
> cookies from the jar to add (my jar only has the correct cookies - but
> the method can't know that).
> Looking at the cookie jar, I see that the cookies have been given the
> domain "localhost.local". Can I just add "http://localhost.local" to
> the front of my request URL? Is that guaranteed to work in all test
> environments?
> Am I missing something here or did that code in the advent calendar
> article never work?
> Any advice much appreciated.
> Cheers,

I'm not sure how the code from the advent calendar worked. I always
prefix the url with 'http://localhost' though perhaps ''
would be a better option in case resolving localhost is somehow broken.
See current pod:



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