[dancer-users] Dancer1 dev release 1.3300 released - new stable release expected soon

David Precious davidp at preshweb.co.uk
Mon Feb 15 21:37:54 GMT 2016

Hi all,

I've just pushed a new dev release of Dancer 1 to CPAN, version 1.3300.

It contains an assortment of bug fixes and minor improvements -
changelog below for convenience.

If you use Dancer1, please consider testing your code using this
version, and do let me know if it breaks anything for you.

Assuming nobody screams and the CPAN Testers results look good, I plan
to push out a new stable release later this week.

 - More temp directory handling fixes (Issue #1147)
 - Avoid request body truncation in hand-assembled requests in tests
   (PR 1148, skington)
 - Avoid tests failing when "localhost" doesn't resolve (PR 1142,
 - Avoid test failures due to race condition in selecting a port to
 listen on by using instead (more of a hacky workaround than
 a fix, but should help (bigpresh)
 - Fix YAML session handler under taint mode (chrisjrob)
 - Make request->body work again for URL-encoded POST requests - Issue
 1140 reported by miyagawa (bigpresh)
 - Validate session IDs read from cookies before passing to session
 engine, to protect against any engine that might feed that value
 straight to a file path for security - Issue 1118 (bigpresh)

 - Better doc for forward_for_address (PR 1146, Relequestual)

 - Let Dancer::Test::dancer_response() handle supplying multiple params
 with the same name - Issue 1116 (bigpresh)



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