[dancer-users] Plug in version hell

Pedro Melo melo at simplicidade.org
Mon Aug 22 08:48:08 BST 2016

You can force a specific module version with a cpanfile at the root of your project and use Carton to install the dependencies. This works for a single project.
If you have multiple projects that share a common set of dependencies the Pinto is probably the best solution, creating your local CPAN where you can not only freeze some modules to the dependencies you need but also publish you own internal modules.

On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 12:48 AM +0100, "Zahir Lalani" <ZahirLalani at oliver.agency> wrote:

Hi All


Need some advice please. Spent most of the weekend debugging an issue as it was affecting a release. The latest sprint worked on our local devs but not on our integration master server. It was very difficult to tell where the issue was.
 It kept complaining about not the deferred keyword, but the module was installed. It transpired that the integration server had an older version. Upgrading it sorted it.


How do people ensure that modules are at a consistent version across servers – we are in the process of building an RPM for dancer so we can control this, but I was hoping there was an easy answer





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