[dancer-users] Dancer2 panels for Plack::Debugger

Peter Mottram peter at sysnix.com
Sat Apr 23 11:19:55 BST 2016

As I slowly drag myself away from Dancer1 towards Dancer2 I've found
myself missing my much-loved Dancer::Debug panels and so have started
working on a set of panels using Plack::Debugger. Before I get lost down
too many rabbit holes I thought I'd share my current plan with the wider
community to see how others might want to see things and to ask for
thoughts on where I might already be going wrong.

My approach for collecting D2 data (tokens, routes, etc) is by creating
Dancer2::Plugin::Debugger which can then use hooks, etc and stash
collected data via Cache::Mmap (probably serialsed using JSON) to be
picked up by Plack::Debugger panels in 'after' callbacks. The plugin
must be specifically enabled in config so importing is effectively a
noop if config is not enabled.

On the Dancer2 plugin side any collector class would be created under
the Dancer2::Plugin::Debugger::Panel namespace with a corresponding
class created under Plack::Debugger::Panel::Dancer2 so for example
Dancer2::Plugin::Debugger::Panel::TemplateTokens would have a
corresponding Plack::Debugger::Panel::Dancer2::TemplateTokens.

I'm also planning to have Dancer2::Debugger which is a Dancer2 app which
sets up the Plack::Debugger side of things to make setup in the psgi
file as simple as possible keeping configuration shared between the two
parts in D2 config files.

The current plan allows for new panels to be released as individual
distros which provide the plugin panel and the debugger panel classes.

So before I wade in too deep does anyone have any suggestions, issues, ...?


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