[dancer-users] Template Toolkit Sort Hash

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Sat Sep 26 10:11:29 BST 2015

On 25/09/15 19:40, Richard Reina wrote:
> I display a hash reference in a  template.  It works well but is there a
> way I can sort it by SNAME instead of ID?
>      <ul class="list-group fancy-list-items">    <!-- <ul
> class="list-group checked-list-box"> -->
>               <table style="width:100%">
>                  <% FOREACH ID IN Pats.keys.sort %>
>                  <tr class="list-group-item">
>                    <td width="70"><% Pats.$ID.SNAME %></td>
>                    <td width="75"><% Pats.$ID.ANAME %></td>
>                    <td width="35"><% Pats.$ID.SSN %></td>
>                    <td width="35"><% Pats.$ID.YR %></td>
>                    <td width="250"><% Pats.$ID.CHNAME %></td>
>                    <td width="550"><% Pats.$ID.DESCRIP %></td>
>                    <% END %>
>                  </tr>
>              </ul>
>              </table>

It looks like you have a hash of hashes. Is that correct?

Anyway, you can pass "sort" the name of the key that you want sort on.

<% FOREACH Pat IN Pats.sort('SNAME') %>
<tr class="list-group-item">
   <td width="70"><% Pats.SNAME %></td>
   <td width="75"><% Pats.ANAME %></td>
   <td width="35"><% Pats.SSN %></td>
   <td width="35"><% Pats.YR %></td>
   <td width="250"><% Pats.CHNAME %></td>
   <td width="550"><% Pats.DESCRIP %></td>
<% END %>


Dave Cross :: dave at dave.org.uk

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