[dancer-users] Change of Dancer1 release manager, and feature-freeze

David Precious davidp at preshweb.co.uk
Thu Sep 24 16:27:56 BST 2015

Hi all,

Yanick is standing down from D1 release manager in order to be able to
focus on D2 development - please join me in thanking him for all his
hard work keeping D1 maintained and useful!

I'm happy to put my hand up and announce that I'm taking over as release
manager for Dancer1 - I still make heavy use of Dancer 1 at $work, and
we're not in a position to convert over to Dancer 2 yet, so I'll need it
maintained for some time either way :)

I'd also like to make clear the policy that Dancer 1 is essentially
feature-frozen, but will still receive bug fixes for any high-impact or
trivial to fix bugs, and will of course receive prompt fixes for any
discovered security issues - I shan't be turning my back on D1 at any
point soon.

In the near future I plan to review outstanding issues and pull
requests and see what should be fixed and what's better to consider a
"let's get this done in Dancer 2" plan, and get a new D1 release out.

In a slightly longer term, I'd like to work on some documentation and
tools to make migration from D1 to D2 easier - I need to have a long
think about what I can do there!


Dave P (bigpresh)

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