[dancer-users] JWT libraries

Rick Leir richard.leir at canadiana.ca
Wed Sep 23 17:16:01 BST 2015


We want to add JWT support to our Dancer2 applications, and are looking for
recommendations on what support libraries to use. We would like to ensure
that someone is looking closely at possible security flaws.
We saw

which uses


which has been around since Jan 2013 and has gone through a few revisions
since then, latest being Mar 2015

Should we be looking at integrating:


which has only seen a single release in Jul 2015. Documentation
specifically mentions JWT, JWS and JWE and their related RFCs.
Documentation claims that "The module implements all (100%) algorithms
defined in https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7518 - JSON Web Algorithms (JWA)."


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