[dancer-users] Dancer book - available now

Gabor Szabo gabor at szabgab.com
Thu Sep 17 14:06:20 BST 2015


as you might know I have been writing and publishing lots of beginner and
advanced level
articles on the Perl Maven site. Some of the articles are available to
everyone to read, others
are only available to the "Perl Maven Pro" subscribers.

As I understand not everyone who might want to read the Dancer articles
wants to have a monthly subscription, so I have created an e-book from all
the Dancer articles listed on http://perlmaven.com/dancer page.

I've also added an (almost hidden) button at the bottom of that page that
will let you buy the book
for $15.

Of course if you'd like to provide ongoing support to the Perl Maven site
then you can also subscribe
to the Perl Maven Pro http://perlmaven.com/pro/ and get access to over 100
advanced articles and screencasts.

ps.  If you encounter any problems, or have any question, please send me an
e-mail privately.

Gabor Szabo                    http://szabgab.com/
Code Maven                     http://code-maven.com/
Perl Maven                       http://perlmaven.com/
Perl Weekly                      http://perlweekly.com/
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