[dancer-users] Don't turn back on warnings that I've turned off

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Wed Sep 16 08:33:59 BST 2015

On 2015-09-15 9:20 PM, WK wrote:
> 2015-09-16 1:05 GMT+03:00 Sam Kington <sam at illuminated.co.uk>:
>> It’s not just Dancer that does this - I believe Moose and Moo also do it. But it’s still annoying and rude.
> I think it was just bad idea to turn those features experimental after
> so many years of active and wide use. It pays off in so many places.

If you're talking about the "smartmatch" or "given-when" introduced in Perl 
5.10, it was actually a superbly GOOD idea that they were turned experimental. 
These features were broken and troublesome from day one, and should have been 
marked experimental from the start, had the 'experimental' feature existed. 
Marking them such now makes it possible to eventually fix or remove those broken 
features, while giving people time to not use them or know what they're getting 
into if they do.  I also don't think they were actively and widely used, or not 
anywhere close to features that existed in Perl prior to 5.10. -- Darren Duncan

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