[dancer-users] Reaching a route defined at another .pm file

Kadir Beyazlı kadirbeyazli at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 13:43:09 BST 2015

Hi All,

At my project all routes are defined at same file : myproject.pm as follow:

get /product {


get /store {


get /user {


Then I decided to put each logical item into separate file as follow,
for example I created Product.pm for product operations.

package Product;
use Dancer2;

get /product {


At file myproject.pm I added package Product as follow and removed
route from this file


package myproject;
use Dancer2;
use Dancer2::Plugin::Database;
use Product;

But it can not find get /product route which was working when it was
at myproject.pm

How can I do it?

Kadir Beyazlı
GSM : +90 535 821 50 00

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