[dancer-users] dancer book?

Ken Peng ken at cloud-china.org
Fri Sep 11 01:56:22 BST 2015


I was once a sinatra user. When we made the cloud project (yes currently 
everything is a cloud) I decided to write the backend API with Perl 
since I think it has better integration to systems, so Dancer was 
chosen. Currently our cloud DNS/Mysql backend are powered by Dancer.
Most docs could be found here though they are in non-english,

Since we use RESTful API for backend, can you tell me how to let Dancer 
generate the standard RESTful interface automatically?


On 2015/9/10 星期四 23:25, John Stoffel wrote:
> Ken> I have wrote some code with Perl and Dancer, they work fine.  Now
> Ken> I want to take a deep look at this framework.  I searched but
> Ken> have no luck for finding a special book about Dancer.  Have you
> Ken> known anyone? Thanks.
> If you can post your example app, that would be the start of a book!
> Share what you have if you can so we can all learn.  This fall I
> expect to get back into Dancer more... hard to be motivated in the
> summer months, better being outside.
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